Every now and again we come across tech solutions that become so engrained in our day to day life that we wonder how we ever managed before...

The Vonmahlen Allroundo Power, is one such solution. Sure, charging isn't a new thing, and Vonmahlen not the first to tackle the question of how to charge multiple device using one cable; however, what Vonmahlen have created is a solution that works - in style. Add the benefit of a 4000mAh lithium polymer battery and you have the BMW (hardly surprising given the German origin of the brand) of the device charging world.

For the Hutton.Team the Allroundo power has become our go to.

Before we dive into the tech specs and performance, let's take a moment to appreciate quality and design:


Encased in a waterproof 900D Gucci Nylon shell, the Allroundo Power is protected no matter where you go - rain or shine. What we really love though, is the fact that everything is kept together, no lost charging tips or cable. So many brands fail to consider the use when developing solutions - I've bought countless cables where I've lost the tips and the solution becomes useless.

Sure that you can also appreciate from the images, the quality extends well beyond the shell - Aluminium tips support all your device charge requirements. The heavy duty coiled cable (120cm) isn't going to let you down. The Allroundo Power is a professional tool for the mobile worker.

So...what can you charge with this? 

Equipped with connectors for USB-C, USB-A, Micro-USB, and Lightning, Allroundo Power has all the necessary connection options for all common devices — yours, your friends, or your colleagues. In addition, the coiled cable can be extended up to 120 cm and features Fast Charging to ensure a fast charging experience every time.

But it's not always about charging. The cable (and tips) also support data transfer with an impressive 480 Mbps.

Integrated Powerbank

If the quality of the cable, Aluminium Tips and data transfer speeds wasn't enough, the German engineering team went one step further and added a 4000 mAh battery for "on the go" charging of devices. Yes, that's right - you also have a battery built in! Accessed via a Type C port at the rear of the device (which also can charge the inbuilt battery - or and here is another clever touch, the battery can be charged wirelessly!!!).

Using a standard Qi Wireless Charger, you can charge up the inbuilt battery in the Allroundo Power:

As a team, we cannot recommend the Allroundo Power highly enough.  

For ore information on Allroundo Power (or to buy online) click here